The SPARK program in Berlin was founded in 2014. Since 2015, 34 projects received funding for a period of 1-2 years. 60 projects were invited to benefit from the SPARK mentoring program.

In fall 2019, we onboarded 9 new teams and their translational projects into the SPARK program. More information about our 2019 SPARKEES and their translational projects will follow soon.






Funded Projects 2018



[Track 2]

Karoline Krause- Developing new therapies for inflammatory diseases

Peter Kühnen - MC4R agonist treatment of patients with monogenic obesity

Jane Reznick - Developing new drugs for metabolic syndrome

Ulrike Stein - Combinatorial treatment for repositioned drugs for metastatic colon cancer

Simone Spuler - We build muscle – the human muscle stem cell


[Track 1]

Wolfgang Böhmerle - Prevention of paclitaxel-related neurotoxicity

Regine Heilbronn - Gene therapy for treatment of focal epilepsy

Karoline Krause - New treatment strategies for rare autoinflammatory diseases

Alessandro Prigione / Markus Schülke - iPSC-based drug discovery of Leigh syndrome

Kostja Renko - Type 3 deiodinase inhibitor for cancer treatment

Simone Rhein - T-cell receptor gene therapy for CD22-positive B cell malignancies

Chiara Romagnani - Peptide-based vaccination targeting innate responses



Medical Devices


[Track 2]

Panagiotis Fikatas - Device for ready-prepared surgical knots


[Track 1]

Alessandro Faragli - Device for assessing hydration status in cardiology patients





[Track 2]

Andreas Kaufmann - Cervical HPV and dysplasia screening test


[Track 1]

Annette Moter - Validation of FISH controls for automated endocarditis diagnostics

Digital Health


[Track 2]

Alexander Meyer - Predicting post-operative complications in real-time


[Track 1]

Anja Hennemuth - MINIMA - Image-based Support of Minimal-Invasive Mitral Valve Repair

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