Inventors for Health (Pilot Program)

Stiftung Charité announces new funding program for entrepreneurs and innovative ideas.

Inventors for Health are entrepreneurial individuals who have innovative ideas for life science and medical inventions and pursue them individually or in small teams. Inventors can in principle be persons of all career levels. All that is required is a university degree and employment at the Berlin Institute of Health, the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin or the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Special attention is paid to clinically active persons. The program is open to non-clinical personnel, including primarily technical or administrative personnel, provided that their ideas are aimed at inventions in the field of life sciences and medicine.

Overall, the Inventors for Health program of the Stiftung Charité starts at an early stage of the innovation process and promotes in particular:

  • The identification and elaboration of the idea
  • The entrepreneurial skills of the inventors
  • Prototype development within the framework of progressive market orientation and preparatory measures for later commercialization, e.g. in connection with spin-offs or licensing

The overarching objective of the funding is to improve and accelerate the transfer of the technological potential of life science research into concrete products and services of medical benefit.

The Inventors for Health program – in contrast to already existing innovation promotion instruments with often strong project orientation – is designed as personal funding. Accordingly, the funding itself consists of the competitive award of Inventors for Health-Grants of up to 100,000 € each for the release of the inventor for up to half of his/her own position over a maximum of 18 months (inventor's time) and the provision of project resources. In addition, an Inventors for Health Incubator was developed specifically for the program, which prepares for a possible application for an Inventors for Health Grant as part of intensive training and then supports the selected Inventors for Health in further developing their promising ideas with the help of workshops and mentoring. The Inventors for Health Incubator is initiated and implemented by the Berlin Institute of Health as a cooperation partner of the Stiftung Charité.

The Stiftung Charité supports the Inventors for Health program.

The first selection round will be announced soon.