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Are you focused on an academic path or are you already thinking outside the academic box?

Young talents in academia feel that many barriers keep them from transitioning to the healthcare industry. But did you know that biomedical professionals are recruited outside of academia for innovation creation?

„Translating academic careers into healthcare professionals, published recently in Nature Biotechnology” tackles this topic and provides interesting information. Craig C. Garner, the founding director at SPARK Berlin, is one of the authors.


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+++ We are happy to share our new SPARK-BIH booklet with more detailed information about our program, our SPARKees and their translational projects. +++

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First NeuroCure / SPARK-BIH Call is in the review phase

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Validation Fund / SPARK-BIH Call 2020 is in review

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supported by SPARK-BIH and the Validation Fund

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DynaCORE - the DynaMORE study on psychological responses to the Corona pandemic

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PD Dr. Karoline Krause and Prof. Franz Theuring

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Our Mission

We are a mentoring network aiming to accelerate the translation of academic inventions into clinically relevant drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.

SPARK Concept

For inventors

Validate your research findings and translate them into therapies, products or services to help patients.


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Share your expertise with our SPARKees and participate in our program as SPARK advisor.

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